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Planning Analytics 2.0.x

Planning Analytics 2.0.8 and below – end of support, September 30th 2021

April 19, 2021 adm_jt Comments Off

Time to upgrade Planning Analytics?

Since Planning Analytics replaced TM1 as the brand name, there have been many changes in the product, from Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, through to Spreadsheet Services replacing the old built-in TM1 Web.

One thing that has been a great help in keeping up to date with all of these changes has been the ability to upgrade versions in-place, meaning that upgrades are generally quicker to deploy.

Whilst deployment may well still be quicker, it’s still vital that we properly plan for upgrades and take steps to make sure that servers and data are backed up before we start.

It’s reasonably common to hit snags with PAW updates for example, and whilst it’s possible to recover quickly and relatively easily, having that server snapshot at hand can make the process so much easier.


Are you currently using version 2.0.8 or lower of IBM Planning Analytics?

If you are, it’s time to start planning for your next upgrade.  All versions of Planning Analytics up to version 2.0.8 are set to go out of support on September 30th 2021.

By upgrading, you will benefit from continued support from IBM and of course the latest product features.  It’s also vital to keep your software up to date to ensure you have the latest security fixes applied.

IBM Planning Analytics is a complex product running with multiple technologies underpining the solution, each of those needs to be kept up to date to ensure any security holes are plugged.

With the summer holidays stuck right in the middle, it would be a great idea to get those plans in place or even upgrade ahead of the summer so you can relax without worrying about returning to an upgrade project.

Whilst the installation can be carried out over the top, there’s a few points to remember about the upgrade.

  • PAW will more than likely need to be upgraded
  • PAX should be kept inline with PAW as much as possible, how will you deploy those new PAX clients?
  • Architect, Perspectives and Performance Modeller will need to be updated
  • TM1 Web becomes Spreadsheet Services with a separate installation running on a separate port to the PMPSVC

Bearing this in mind, an upgrade which can often be reasonably minor, does require a bit more thought and perahaps a touch of additional testing.

We’ve completed over 10 upgrades to Planning Analytics 2.0.9 this year, if you’d like to talk about upgrading your platform, contact us today!